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About : Abdullah Hashem

Abdullah Hashem (left)


Abdullah Hashem, half American and half Egyptian, lived in Brooklyn, New York for 8 years and Egypt for another 8 years before moving to good old Mooresville, Indiana. Abdullah talks about everything from his hardships being the first white African American to live in Mooresville to his infamous hit and run incident. He was featured on the cover of the Mooresville-Decatur Times, was a guest on the Indy Music Channel and was also a guest on several radio shows including "The Best Damn Night Show" on 99.5 WZPL. He wrote and directed the independent film Apache Tears that played at Regal Cinemas. Abdullah has sold out Crackers comedy club several times and plans to do so a few more times before retiring.


Documentary filmmakers and Raelian infiltrators Joe McGowen (left) and Abdullah Hashem (right) pose with Raelian bishop and Clonaid CEO Brigitte Boisselier at a Raelian convention in Las Vegas in May 2005.


by myway12345 on Tuesday, April 01 @ 11:48:50 MYT
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Much has said about the All-Seeing Eye.

After years of research via the Internet, I have recently discovered a website which is quite interesting, in that it tries to unravel the mysteries of the conspiracy issues, the Anti-Christ, the Illuminati, the Occult, New World Order agendas, the presence of Jinn as co-partners with evil humans, etc. The website also attempts to unravel the UFO issues, false prophets & the like.

The owner/webmaster is a young American Muslim (Abdullah Hashem) who have spent several years in the Middle-East in search of knowledge & Truth. Initially (in 2007), Abdullah Hashem had made several video contributions via YouTube - under the topic of 'The AntiChrist, Dajjal will be a Reptilian ShapeShifter'. However, sometime in December 2007 and for no apparent & valid reason YouTube had banned his video uploads into YouTube video forum & platform!

I thus find it very, very strange that if Abdullah Hashem's exposure of some certain quarter on conspiracies issue (which might appear to be harmless, perhaps foolish or nonsense to some), nonetheless he had certainly 'struck a chord' in trying to expose something very 'serious', thus even in prompting YouTube to 'wipe clean' & ban his video uploads and commentaries!

Now he has his own website as below, at:-


I truly salute this young man in providing his short and very entertaining but informative series of short films - now coming up to 300 series. I would recommend those interested in the 'All-Seeing Eye' issue to visit the mentioned website for our knowledge & consumption. Just take a look at how this young man (Abdullah Hashem) who have done some good research in preparing for the coming of the Antichrist (Dajjal) - One All-Seeing Eye!

We are not Doom Seekers here, but since much has been said about the All-Seeing Eye, thus a little bit of information wouldn't hurt anyone - except for those who are concealing the Truth! Now that is FITNAH - i.e. Concealing The Truth!

Our task is only to unravel knowledge & the Truth! Enough said for the time being, but more to come from me as and when to topic gets interesting & more challenging. As a food for thought, one thing is for sure! - even our beloved country Malaysia is also not spared the from coming of The New World Order! Its time we arm ourselves with true knowledge to ward evil agendas!


url : http://mykmu.net/modules.php

url : http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/

url : http://www.indystandup.com/comedians/ahashem.htm

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