Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2012/13 Earth is Entering the Photonic Belt

2012/13 Earth is Entering the Photonic Belt, The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light


Due to the fact that Earth will enter the PHOTONIC BELT astrologists, scientists and historians believe and think that the next millennium will mark the beginning of a new stage for humanity. For Earth astrologists this new stage is the Aquarian Age, an epoch of vast changes in its science and technology and its consciousness. For the scientists and historians is an epoch of great difficulties, that its social and political structures could not be able to manage; in any case, it seems to be the prelude of a marvel or the moment of the extinction of Humanity (this moment is over, since the 144,000 necessary for the extinction not to take place were already obtained - clarification by Mónica Barbagallo).

The question remains standing: What role will the nearby PHOTONIC BELT play at these times? The Belt can be divided in three sections: First we enter in what is denominated the Null Zone that lasts approximately 5 or 6 days, including 72 hours, approximately, of total darkness (3 days of darkness); then, we pass to the main part of the BELT itself and it will be experienced a light of permanent day (24 hours a day). This trip will last around 2,000 years (Dramatic Prophesies of the Great Pyramid) and ends when the Solar System goes out from the other side of the Belt, crossing the Null zone for another 5- or 6-day period.


The arrival of the Photonic Belt is causing a great expectation and a great "stress" in all the Solar System. For the crucial moment there will be three sources of help:
1.- From the great spiritual helpers and angels of the many dimensions.
2.- Those in human form that help the celestial forces.
3.- It has been established energetic protective patterns around the planet.

All this set minimizes the seismic activity. But there is another point that is also important to understand: You are at the brim of great changes and of new beginnings due to our future landings of "initial Contact" in your planet. This Spiritual Hierarchy and its first contact, led by the Sirian, will help all the solar system to take its place in the Galactic Federation so it converts in what we have finished describing, a galactic civilization. Through love and wisdom applied here on Earth, you can be assured that at any moment in the future you will be able to share your knowledge with other stellar systems, and then the sharing will continue before the presence and the ever-growing power of God. Really, you are at the brink of an astonishing and marvelous time.

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