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Photon Belt - The Realm Of Golden Light

The Photon Belt... the final step

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[Editor's Note: Some of the fatidic prophecies described at the end of this section may not happen due to extraterrestrial technology that can intervene and produce environmental and planetary control to avoid catastrophes.]

The Pleiades, the Constellation of the Pleiades, is composed of various solar systems. The Central Sun of the Constellation of the Pleiades is called Alcyon and its systems are, from inside out: Merope, Atlas, Maya, Electra, Coele, Taygeta, and ours, called Ors, which are always within the ring of photons being thus inhabited by beings of eternal light (as the luminous angels in antiquity). Our system is the farthest and the last orbit in rotating around Alcyon and it takes 25920 years to complete a full turn.

According to Mayan prophesies and studies (of which we will speak later in our space Other Subjects ("Otros Temas") ) on December 22 of the year 2012 we will definitely enter into the Photonic Radiation Field. During the next 10 years the Planet Earth and its neighbors of the solar system will adjust their molecular structures. All get ready for the great change, a unique opportunity for the inhabitants of these worlds.

Upon entrance of the Solar System and our Planet into this radiation all molecules and atoms of all existing bodies will be excited. This molecular excitation will create a type of constant non-warm light; a light without temperature that does not produce shadows. The ingress to this field will be gradual which will take approximately two days. Then the zone of total darkness of three days, here the electric apparatuses will not function as a result of the prevailing hipermagnetism.

The main part, the unending light, will be 24 hours a day during 2160 years. Upon entrance of our sun into the "Photon Belt" a darkness as the night with a rain of stars will be produced on Earth that will last for 5 days approximately. This will be a consequence of the sudden modification of the solar radiation and of the molecular excitation of the atmosphere upon entering in contact with the messianic ring.

The perpetual day will be a consequence of the proper radiation not depending anymore on the Sun to have daylight. If the Earth ingresses before the sun, a phenomenon similar to a planetary fire will be produced, the matter will look luminous, but it will only be a visual phenomenon. It is in this Golden Age, or Realm of Golden Light in where human being will be able to be fully realized, the peoples will be able to understand their history, their psychic and full consciousness abilities altogether with their solar system and the universe.

This realm of light will be known for all whose spiritual and bodily inner vibrations be related to the messianic waves of the photon belt. By just the fact of entering this photonic field the Earth will be reducing its rotation due to the reduction of the solar radiation, the temperature will descend and the ice fields will extend up to the 40º of latitude in both hemispheres, only will be inhabitable the zones near the Equator even tough this equatorial zone won't be as it is today since the change of the polar axis will create a glacier that will extend throughout all continents. The ice layers will not resist much due to the lack of rain and soon will melt as a result of the constant radiation. Then the Earth will be flooded, the levels of water will rise up to the 900 meters of height covering the face of the planet.

The imminent cataclysm will mark the beginning of a new cycle, a cycle of light, of peace, of justice, without diseases, nor wickedness. A kingdom for the just, for those elected among thousands, for the ones who vibrate at unison with the tune of the Cosmos.

Translation: Años de Oscuridad = Years of Darkness; 10.800 Años = 10,800 years; 2.160 Años, Era de Luz = 2,160 Years, Light Era; Nuestro Sistema Solar = Our Solar System; 22 Diciembre 2012, Ingreso Definitivo = December 22, 2012, Final Entrance.

Graphic from "The Pleiadian Agenda, A New Cosmology for the Age of Light", by Barbara Hand Clow (Bear & Co. Publishing, 1996).

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